Sunday 10 April 2016

batarang tutorial

For this project you will need:

1, Hardened steel plate
3, Black spray paint

1, Hacksaw or angle grinder
2, Hand files
3, Bench grinder
4, Rotary tool with sharpening and sanding bits
5, drill (optional)

step 1
mark out a piece of steel 5.5 inches by 2 inches and draw out the basic shape

Step 2
Cut out the basic square shape so it is easier to move and hold in the vice
this can take upwards of 30 mins if you are using a hacksaw about 5 if  you use an angle grinder (but they are really dangerous) i got our mechanic to cut it out for me with the angle grinder (if i had to do it myself i would have used a hacksaw)

Step 3
cut off the excess material and then you are left with a rough shape
(you have to use a hacksaw for this part there isn't any quick way unless you have a plasma cutter)

Step 4 
use a file to clean up the shape then use the sandpaper to get rid of any surface rust

Step 5
cover the batarang in primer (i used a rust neutralising one that i had lying around)

Step 6
paint it black 
(forgot to take a picture, this is after bevelling but you get the idea )

Step 7
use the bench grinder to put in the bevels as pictured above (if you don't have a bench grinder you can use a hand file)

Step 8
Re-coat in black paint and then get rid of the paint on the bevels using the sharpen bit on a rotary tool (this will also sharpen it obviously) 

Step 9
enjoy the fruits of your labour, go out hunting bad guys with this weird weapon or do what i did and pair it with a white background to get a nice photo 


Obvious warnings
don't throw this at people or property
wear ear, nose and eye protection when grinding or sanding
use spray paint in a well ventilated area

Other notes
I learned that a soldier or airman assigned to somebody is called a batman so Alfred is batman's batman  

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