Wednesday 6 July 2016

pastel cabinet makeover !

So we cleared out my grandfather's house and this was one of the few things that wasn't completely roached so i decided to re-purpose it  


step 1,
i put on some paint stripper to get all the nasty white paint off it


after a while the paint will bubble and then just take it off with a scraper

you mave have to do some sanding to get it smooth but you should be left with something like this

the mirror that was on the cabinet was kinda ugly it had brown spots on it so i swapped it for a blackboard which you can make using plywood and blackboard paint

(this pic was after the first coat of paint )

I put on another coat of yellow paint then i made some stencils
(i used a gold acrylic paint for the stencils)

This is what it turned out like


(yup that's some really neat handwriting =P )

Now you have a pastel wall cabinet with music notes on it yay!

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