Wednesday, 13 July 2016

substitute shinigami pass tutorial

So I really liked the bleach anime I wanted to make something from the anime, and by far the most iconic thing is the combat pass. Most of the tutorials I saw for this were using some fancy laser cutting super mega cnc mill (I believe that is the technical term) so i tried to make one using only a rotary tool which is probably more common

Step 1,
Get a piece of wood and draw the basic shape (ps i'm not sure what type of wood this is i got it from a bed side table)

Step 2, 
Add the details (This took me a couple of tries)

Step 3,
Mine was kinda thick so i cut some off


Step 4, 
Time to use the rotary tool

you will need the carving tool ad the diamond bit(for smoothing)

Step 5,

Carve out the waste material

Please wear some kind of mask when sanding or carving apparently some wood can be poisonous. this is the one i wear

Step 6,
 After sanding apply some kind of finishing product eg oil or wax

Step 7,
It should look something like this

Step 8,
Add some white string and then put on your school bag or wear as a pendant or use as proof that you are a soul reaper it's up to you

Job Done!

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